Friday, August 15, 2008

Gifts from a friend..

Well, when you are opening a box to unveil the cars model that you bought from a friend, and you saw there are few more extra cars, you might think your friend made a mistake. Then only, he said those are extra gifts from you. What will you respond? Me? I was kind of shocked and happy plus a bit embarrass to accept it cause ..well I don't know also..Here are the cars he gave me ...
Thanks Ebug !! (Forumer from Lowyat)


GeorgeToyCar said...

Hello there,

Nice blog you have there. Wondering how much is the AE86 Trueno and what scale is it ?

Do you know where I can get the car ?

Andrew Cham said...

hello george,
the models are from a friend.....
these are knock off of aoshima's motorized initial d series..
it's 1/32 scale if i am not mistaken
try toycity, i see them have the FD3S though..