Monday, January 19, 2009

(Rebuild) Hasegawa Lancer Evolution III

This car had gone under 3 rebuilds and this will be the final one. However, the finishing is not that good as the project had been pending for 2 years !! How time flies but I manage to finish it. Here are the list of modification and specification of the build.
i) Pearl Red Color
ii) GT Wing set from Fujimi (traded with a friend)
iii) Bonnet pins, handbrake, rear view mirror,steering, fire extinguisher,
rollcage from Toyota AE86 (Extra)
iv) Spare tyre, gear knob from Fujimi Evo VIII (Extra's)
v) Steel rims given by a friend (Looks like an Evo III RS)
vi) Recaro Set and front disc brake from Tamiya Evo VI
vii) Tinted Rear and side windows
viii) Rear absorbers/springs from Tamiya Evo VI Rally

Any comments?


BFA876 said...

Nice.... what rims are those ?

Andrew Cham said...

i am not sure though. it's given by a modeler friend. but it looks like a RS spec evo 3 now.....

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

i miss my tamiya/ hasegawa days.
that rebuild is beautiful Andrew! :-)