Thursday, May 21, 2009

Custom Volkswagen Beetle (For Evelyn Dear..)

Well, it is an ordinary friction toy which I bought years ago. The scale is approx between 1/18 to 1/24. Well can't judge much. I gave it a repaint in pink, blackout the windows as the interior sucks, and added details to the car.

This build is for my girlfriend actually. She likes the VW Beetle so much that I decided to custom one Hello Kitty version for her. The words on the body are written by myself using markers and the 'Evelyn + Andrew' wording are handwritten and sticked to the body. I also bought some Hello Kitty stickers to make it look lovely and sweet.

14th February 2009 is the date when we started out to be couples. So dear, this custom is for you. Only special for you. Hope you like it.


Eric @ Loon said...

Wah.. so lovely car

Tom said...

Very nice car..Bro.. Keep going and Good Luck!

eNiD1209 said...

thank you dear ...
really really love it ..
i love you ..