Friday, June 5, 2009

Tommi Makinnen Lancer Evo V WRC

Finally I finished it.. This is my 3rd rally car after the Evo VI and the Proton PERT. This is quite tough to build and lots of painting required. I weathered it ( I am addicted to dirty rally cars ) and I find it lovely.. There are flaws though during decaling and I touched up a little... The only thing I didn't apply is the seats rear CF decal. Rest it is OOB.. Lovely kit from Tamiya..

The Chassis (Super colorful..wierd move by Mitsubishi.. )


BFA876 said...


They colour code the parts to make it easier for the mechanics to see which parts are for the left and right side.

Saves them precious time at the service park.

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

great build once again Andrew! you keep on luring me to start building again hahaha!

danielh said...

this evo V rally car model from tamiya is excellent and has very fine details to every parts of the car. Nice pics!

-wen- said...

Wow. Nice collections you have there!
Since u're one die cast collector fans, i would recon u to this thread who is selling Myvi models scaling at 1:32.

eNiD1209 said...

no professional comment here ..
but always support you dear..
hehe ^^