Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hotwheels 2009 Regular Treasure Hunts!!

For the very first time, I completed theRegular Hotwheels Treasure Hunts. This is the 2009 verion. So happy about it. Thanks to few person who helped me...
1) Neet Streeter from Raymond (Rayz)
2) Woodie and Bone Shaker from Hokuan
3) 49 Merc from Kelvin (Pooh)
4) Plymouth Fury from Desmond (Demonicle)


shaz @ kurz said...

wagh jeles another 4 left :(

Starscream said...

Not easy, congrats!! :)

danielh said...

congrats!! me only two more to complete it, neet streeter and 49 merc!!