Monday, May 31, 2010

1/24 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II GSR

his model completes my Evolution collection. Now I have 1 to 10 Evolution's in my collection. However this is not an original Evo 2 kit, this Evo 2 is converted from Evo 1 kit with added front lip and modified rear spoiler together with a new set of OZ Enkei rims frm Lancer Evo V Rally (Hasegawa).

The bodykit conversion is done by druid_99 and his workmanship is amazingly superb!!! It looks very very OEM like the original Hasegawa kit ! However there is a problem, some paint sipped through the windows clear part and I can't remove it via brake oil. So i sanded and polish it and there's a fine scratch on the driver sides window. However, I think it's tolerable since it's not a big big problem like the body wrap or anything.. Enjoy !

Thanks druid ! This is a perfect conversion and a final chapter of my Evolution street collection. Now , who is going to help me get my Evo 2 Rally so i can complete 1 to 7 rally machines?

The front and rear lights housing have been wrapped using aluminium foil to give a more realistic effect !


danielh said...

neat built up on this evo, nice!!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

congrats Andrew on completing your set! this evo II looks great! very nice build! , hope i could complete my 1:43 rally evo line also, i'm still missing the evo I by racing 43.

ziezan said...

some buddy have this replica for sale please contact me at