Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tamiya 1/24 Subaru Imprezza (New Age)

Just a simple out of box model. Fitment is perfect and expected from Tamiya's quality.
i) Tinted rear windows
ii) Pure white color.

It's my 2nd Subaru Imprezza after Fujimi's Imprezza Type R. HOpe you guys like it.


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

always love your model kit builds Andrew! :) this one is great! i'm partial to jdm cars.

i might be starting a 1:43 rally car collection next year, not just evos anymore. :)

Andrew Cham said...

thanks mike !
there are some flaws though at the windows (masking went bad) that's why i sprayed the rear black ( tinted style).

well, don't tempt me on those rally cars. I can't afford to buy too many models now as I am going to build more instead :)

Starscream said...

Gold rims too, nice :)

BFA876 said...

Saw your post in one of the forums that you're looking for photos of the Proton Pert 4wd Turbo. You could check out my site -

Really like your model of the PERT mkII. My friend actually owns that car now.... in the process of painting it back to the PERT colours. Drop us a message if you want to have a look at the cars.

sephirot said...

HI Andrew,

Great looking car!

What do you use for the black lining?

Andrew Cham said...

i mixed enamel black and mix with x20 thinner and use a brush to paint them...

juanc810 said...

wooooooww, very very nice beatiful your cars

peterson said...

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