Monday, December 1, 2008

AMT Mitsubishi Eclipse Fast and Furious Edition

Well, be gentle on me as this is my first AMT kit. Well, my comment are the bad decals( really hate it man !!) ,no gauges ,meter decals, some fitment issues, no wipers and a bad height ride which I noticed the front his higher than the rear a little but loo late, as I fixed it already. I encountered some problems and I will take note in my future AMT builds. I did some changes to this model..

1) Fujimi R32 Front Seats
2) Tamiya Evo VI Rally Bonnet pins (Front hood and trunk)
3) Ings+1 Gt Wing (Original GT Wing sucks to the max)
4) Wipers for LHD cars (from Fujimi's Nissan March extra's)
5) Color: Industrial Apple Green (cleared and polished)
6) Tamiya Evo VI Intercooler and Mesh

Its my first kit with a full engine detail. I hope you guys like it. It's not that good because I am still learning how to build a good model especially with AMT kits.


Anonymous said...

good model!!!

The Devil said...


i thought it is real car till i read wat u read!

damm... u manage to cheat my eyes eh!

Andrew Cham said...

thanks guys :)

gav_waLKer07 said...