Friday, April 3, 2009

1/32 British Civic Type R

The sleek design of the latest Honda Civic Type R for the European market is totally astonishing. It looks like a car from the future. From every angle, the car looks perfect and beautiful. Unfortunately, performance wise, it looses to EP3 and the FD2R( Japanese Domestic Market) Civic. This due to the heavy body, insufficient engine power to handle the weight and lastly , and the torsion beam suspension setting (a bad move by Honda) which kills all the fun.

However, is it still a good car and I not surprise when I spotted this diecast for sale quite sometime ago. The scale is 1/32 and manufactured by Great Faith (I never heard of this brand before). The quality of this diecast is decent. No molding lines round the body, the sparkling and shiny black paint job and the nice ride height. The lamps are painted clear plastics and not painted details which makes it more realistic.

However the interior is bland. Can't complain much for a cheap model. Here are some photos of the British Type R. Enjoy !

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BFA876 said...

Getting one more and converting it to the Italian JAS Super 2000?