Sunday, January 24, 2010

KO Ford GT90 Toy Custom

Ford GT90 is my all time FAVOURITE concept car. I first saw it in Need For Speed II when I was ten and I fell in love with it. I am unwilling to pay RM 200 ++ for a 1/18 Maisto but i had two Hotwheels Mini version.

Suddenly, I spotted this toy (plastic) at a local hypermarket for two bucks and I bought it instantly and customizing it. I believe the scale is 1/18. Originally it's orange + silver + some stickers, heavy mold lines and undetailed. So I removed the stickers and mold lines, and gave it a new life with detailing on it.

At least I am satisfy now as I had a large scale Ford GT90 although it's a KO version and quality is non on par with the original Maisto 1/18 :(

1 comment:

danielh said...

nice detailed and mod!!!

you make this car more livelier now!!