Saturday, February 6, 2010

1/10 KO Evo X RC Part 2

Again, I went to that toy shop which I found my first KO Evo X Yukes Team Orange and saw one KO Evo X Yukes Team on sale. I prompted the girl and asked if it is for sale and she mentioned it's not because it's been rejected by a customer because it's not working. So came the lady boss and she said I can have it and she will swap the body to the working chassis and I got it ! Thanks to her and I think it's an Evo fever for me once again ! First the blue one, now the true Yukes Orange Team Evo !!! Yes !!!

My cat to the Evo X : Watcha Looking At, punk !?


Starscream said...

Any pictures of your RC Touring and Drifting Evo?

Andrew Cham said...

eh..what do you mean

Jasonist said...

LOL at the cat