Friday, July 2, 2010

All my 1/24 Builds

Almost 5 years building car models and these are the models that i have built.
Mainly Japanese cars which are my favourite and a few American and European cars also.






danielh said...

nice collections!

din_dgm_car´s said...

I leave to myself without words this blog, congratulations.

I hope in my country these models exist, but they are difficult to find.

Kids-Nook said...

Amazing collection!

Which brand do you prefer? When I was a kid my favorite was Bburago but now that I have a son I prefer getting Maisto cause they're practically indestructible.
They can endure a lot and you can see that in the photos in my article called 1:24 diecast cars.

Btw... Welly and bburago fall apart really easily.