Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fujimi Evo VIII Ralliart (1/24)

This is a decent kit to me. Except for the decals which are real bad and tore easily. I touched up some parts with a silver sharpie. The silver decals are wierd. Once yo clear coat, some kind of wierd texture will surface from different angles. I should have mask and spray it !! Well, I am kind of disappointed with the decals. That's all.

The car is painted in bright red and clear coated to protect the decals. Well, it's lightly weathered though. Enjoy..
Ain't my best build if you ask me, cause it's a first time dealing with giant decals...


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

another very nice evo in ralliart livery! great build Andrew!:-)

I found an evo 7 in Advan ralliart livery, the decals are big also, it so scary because those big decals might crack (the advan red stripes!) i'm scared!

Tom said...

Hehe, finally you finished this model kit. Very nice Bro. :)

Andrew Cham said...

thanks guys !!

mike, i been looking for that model! you are a lucky guy man. just becareful of Fujimi's decal. big but fragile :(