Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shell James Bond Cars Collection..

When I first heard about the release of James Bond car by Shell, i was totally thrilled !! Why? The reason is simple. I am a hardcore fan of James Bond actually. That's why. I have watched all the 22 Bond movies and simply love that guy. But don't worry, I am straight.

Well, I manage to have 2 sets of this Bond cars. The consist of 5 per set. They are:
1) Aston Martin DB5
2) Alpina Sunbeam
3) Lotus Espirit
4) BMW Z3
5) Aston Martin DBS

However, to get one, you need to pump RM 40 worth of petrol, then you get to purchase it for RM 5.50 each.Well, the best part of this set is that it comes with acrylic casings. That's why there are people who bought them just for the casing alone. Anyway, I found that some cars are decently done and some are poorly done. The photos will reveal it though so let the photos do the talking.

Oh ya! You guys must be wondering whose is the manufacturer of these cars. Although it's stated Tic Toc at the base, I do suspect it's actually Corgi. Why? Because I did a simple search and I found that the BMW Z3 of Corgi resembles the Shell promotion BMW Z3. Well, I don't know why they did that though...(if it's true)..

Well, if you guys are discarding the cars just for the sake of the casing, let me know. I am interested to have some loose to be displayed.

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