Saturday, November 22, 2008

Maisto 1/24 Chrysler ME Four-Twelve

I am not quite a fan of American cars actually. But this Chrysler car caught my attention a year ago when I was shopping for some 1/18 Lamborghini's. I find the design is attractive and it's considered a supercar. However, due to some conflicts with Mercedes, they never got the fastest production car title as the car never got into production. Such as pity as it's rumored to be faster than the McLaren F1 itself!

Maisto did a decent job on this and I know i been saying this for quite sometimes. Honestly, Maisto deserve a pat on their back because they been producing great looking budget models.
Doors and engine hood can be open to reveal the interior and engine respectively. There is a dissappointment because the seatbelts are moulded together with the seats however, I can still live with it.

Well, if you guys want to get this model, do it fast as I don't see it anywhere anywhere already. Good luck for hunting!

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