Friday, June 6, 2008

A Mattel Disaster: Dragtor...

I think that the designer of this Dragtor should be shot to death. Why? This new addition to the 2008 Hotwheels line up is not impressive at all and can be consider the worst Hotwheels ever produced by Mattel.

Go anywhere, and when you hunt for Hotwheels you will find this Dragtor everywhere. Nobody like it basically but I buy it for fun. I really pity Dragtors. Lets hope that there will be a 'lelong' where buy 10 Dragtors for RM 5.00. I will be the first in the line to buy it.


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Alberto said...

Well, I thought the same 2 years ago about the "Bone Shaker", and, look!... it has become an instant classic, with dozens of variations and scales.

Needless to say, I never bought a Bone Shaker, until recently, when I found a "Custom Classics" 1:50 version, and yet I still hate it!