Friday, June 6, 2008

Subaru Imprezza Wrx Ver 9 ..

Well, this is a 1/24 scale model done by Motormax. I am not a great fan of Subaru's but more keen on the Evo's series. However, I made exceptions whenever I found great looking models for a good price. This is a prime example. Usually people have perceptions that a diecast that cost RM 39.90 are considered toys and not worth collecting. With this, it might change their mind about budget models.

This model features a sleek Mica Blue paint job and the paint quality is good and shining. The front hood can be opened to reveal a decently detailed engine. Fronts doors can be open and close and the best part is the side mirrors can flip! That's a surprise for me. Well, it lacks disc brakes though and if there are disc brakes it will be perfect.

I am looking forward for other Motormax models in the future as my spending power decrease after the petrol increase...

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