Friday, June 6, 2008

Nissan Skyline GTR (Motormax)

I have to admit Skylines are awesome machines. The reason I bought this model is because I am a JDM cars fan! The beauty of this diecast makes me want to owe it. It's a lucky I snapped it for RM 59.90 two years ago. Now it retails for RM 99.90. Crazy huh?

Let us get into details here. This Skyline R34 is a 1/18 model. The manufacturer is Motormax. As usual, the quality and beauty of this diecast is clearly visible. The paintjob is Midnight Purple which is a famous color for the Skyline. The finishing is nice but it can't rival higher end products like Autoart.

The front bonnet can be opened to reveal a detailed RB series engine that powered the R34 Skyline. The engine is one of the best I have seen in a budget model. The rear bonnet can be opened so as the two doors. The interior is quite decent with seatbelts on it. Well, the disc brakes are there and it adds realism to the model.

The only let down of this budget model to me is that the head lights seems to have a eyelid on them. Overall it is a great model for a reasonable price. I know there are people who looked down on budget models but hey, not everyone can afford Autoarts right?

I have another color of this Skyline that is Grey.. Stay tune ;)


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