Friday, June 6, 2008

Tomica's Toyota Passo..

Ah...... Toyota Passo's ! Actually I am kinda sick of them. Why?
Lots of Perodua Myvi's ( Rebadged of Sirion, Passo ) think they are actually driving a Toyota !

However, let's not talk about that. Well, Tomica made a few color variants of the Toyota Passo's. However, due to limited stock,
I only manage to get two colors, the green and the red. I am kind of lucky as the Green one is a limited color compare to the red
one that can be found easily anywhere.

There is not much to shout about these two mini models.
They are just normal models for collectors and the detail isn't that great. No side mirrors, lousy rims and lousy headlights and taillights. However, The paint job from Tomica's are good. I don't know why I collect Tomica's. Maybe they do the cars that I wanted to collect at a low price... Well, Passo's although I am sick of you but hey, you are still cute ;)


Toycarsmy said...

The green is limit

Anonymous said...

yup... u'll consider urself lucky managed to get the green one.. i bought 2 and both of them was red.. so i gave 1 for my brother as a gift for his tomica colletion and one i glue on the dashboard im my myvi!~.. hehe.. well myvi and passo are long distant brothers so i think thats not a problem.. hehe im planning to buy another one and try customize it from passo to myvi se by cutting off the original bumpers and reshape the front fender and headlights... the major problem will be the scale were to small to work on... hehe do you think its possible???

-wen- said...


Just to inform you, I'm selling Myvi SE Die Cast online. Do have a look in my thread at if you are interested. =)

Thanks !