Monday, February 16, 2009

Papercraft: Proton PERT (BFA 876) Rally Car

BFA 876 found me when I was looking for some Proton Wira rally photos. Since then, I have been following his blog whenever I have the time. Well, seems I have some free time, so I decided I might do a simple papercraft dedicate to him.

Here is the summary of himself
'''I was born a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III RS and built by Ralliart Japan as a Group N4 rally car in 1996. PERT purchased me in 1997 and renamed me PERT Proton Wira 4wd Turbo. I've had an illustrious rally career from 1997-2003 in MRC and APRC. In 2008, I was bought over by JMT and here I am.... Rallying Again !!! ''''

This is how he looks like..

The Papercraft version.. ( Please feel free to post it to your blog )

Visit his blog at :


BFA876 said...

WOW !!!! Thks..... I'll get JMT to build it up. What type of paper should he use ?

Andrew Cham said...

It will be easy, just thick paper will do.I usually use manila cards.If there is fitment problem let me know, i will rebuild it..

I will be releasing my last proton wira papercraft soon... i need to concentrate on my car models kits :)

Anonymous said...

Looks so nice car.

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