Monday, September 1, 2008

A Detailed Version Of Hotwheels Lotus Espirit

We pay RM 5.90 for Hotwheels and the same goes to Matchbox. However, Matchbox cars are much detailed compare to Hotwheels for the same price. Wierd? They are under the same company but the quality of Matchbox is much better compare to Hotwheels. This Lotus Espirit is a 2008 release of Hotwheels. It cost RM 5.90 but alot of details are unpainted thus I decided to make it more appealing to me. Detailed parts are painted rear lamps, front lamps, signal fenders lamps, panel lines and mesh... Leave me a feedback..Thanks !

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hemant said...

Matchbox cars are much detailed to compare to hot wheels for the same price and this model of car is amazing.


neha trehan