Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tomica and Hotwheels Lancer Evolution X

Well, the Silver one is from Hotwheels while the Red one is from Tomica. I got the red one from toyscarmy and the silver one from mutt. Thanks guys !!!!

Just enjoy the shots ;)


Monday, June 9, 2008

Customized 1/24 Saico Mini Cooper

Well, 5 years ago, my dad bought me this Saico Mini Cooper. I love it so much due to Italian Job. It's a beauty. The original model is nice till I am busy and didn't take care of my models thus the paintwork of this model was totally screwed up.

Thus I decided to restored it and there is what it looks like now. Can't remember what color it is but I do use some decals from Tamiya leftovers....


My First Batch Of Evo's..

I am a hardcore fan of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions series. Thus, when I started collected diecast, I got these two Evo's. It's been so many years since I got them but they still look good although there are some paintjob problems. Well, they will be by my side forever...


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Majorette Mini Rally Cars

These Majorette rally cars caught my attention quite some time ago. They are well detailed but no interiors. and the rims are the worst I ever saw. My well detailed here means that the bodywork and the sponsors decals are faithfully replicated in these mini models. Currently, I only have these in my collection that are Ford Focus's, Subaru Imprezza, Citroen and Peugeot's.
Hopefully I can get a few more to complete the collection..though it's hard....
Offer me if you guys have any that I don't have...


Ebbro Motul Pitwork Z Super GT500 Malaysia

This Ebbro diecast is a true beauty. Although the scale is only 1/43 scale, the details on it is superb. No wonder it cost a bomb in Malaysia with prices reaching RM 250. That is what I heard. The details on this beauty is totally mind blowing. In photography, one might mistaken it as a 1/18 scale model. For more photos, you guys can 'Google' it and enjoy the pretty photos .


Friday, June 6, 2008

A Mattel Disaster: Dragtor...

I think that the designer of this Dragtor should be shot to death. Why? This new addition to the 2008 Hotwheels line up is not impressive at all and can be consider the worst Hotwheels ever produced by Mattel.

Go anywhere, and when you hunt for Hotwheels you will find this Dragtor everywhere. Nobody like it basically but I buy it for fun. I really pity Dragtors. Lets hope that there will be a 'lelong' where buy 10 Dragtors for RM 5.00. I will be the first in the line to buy it.


Tomica's Toyota Passo..

Ah...... Toyota Passo's ! Actually I am kinda sick of them. Why?
Lots of Perodua Myvi's ( Rebadged of Sirion, Passo ) think they are actually driving a Toyota !

However, let's not talk about that. Well, Tomica made a few color variants of the Toyota Passo's. However, due to limited stock,
I only manage to get two colors, the green and the red. I am kind of lucky as the Green one is a limited color compare to the red
one that can be found easily anywhere.

There is not much to shout about these two mini models.
They are just normal models for collectors and the detail isn't that great. No side mirrors, lousy rims and lousy headlights and taillights. However, The paint job from Tomica's are good. I don't know why I collect Tomica's. Maybe they do the cars that I wanted to collect at a low price... Well, Passo's although I am sick of you but hey, you are still cute ;)

Nissan Skyline GTR (Motormax)

I have to admit Skylines are awesome machines. The reason I bought this model is because I am a JDM cars fan! The beauty of this diecast makes me want to owe it. It's a lucky I snapped it for RM 59.90 two years ago. Now it retails for RM 99.90. Crazy huh?

Let us get into details here. This Skyline R34 is a 1/18 model. The manufacturer is Motormax. As usual, the quality and beauty of this diecast is clearly visible. The paintjob is Midnight Purple which is a famous color for the Skyline. The finishing is nice but it can't rival higher end products like Autoart.

The front bonnet can be opened to reveal a detailed RB series engine that powered the R34 Skyline. The engine is one of the best I have seen in a budget model. The rear bonnet can be opened so as the two doors. The interior is quite decent with seatbelts on it. Well, the disc brakes are there and it adds realism to the model.

The only let down of this budget model to me is that the head lights seems to have a eyelid on them. Overall it is a great model for a reasonable price. I know there are people who looked down on budget models but hey, not everyone can afford Autoarts right?

I have another color of this Skyline that is Grey.. Stay tune ;)


Subaru Imprezza Wrx Ver 9 ..

Well, this is a 1/24 scale model done by Motormax. I am not a great fan of Subaru's but more keen on the Evo's series. However, I made exceptions whenever I found great looking models for a good price. This is a prime example. Usually people have perceptions that a diecast that cost RM 39.90 are considered toys and not worth collecting. With this, it might change their mind about budget models.

This model features a sleek Mica Blue paint job and the paint quality is good and shining. The front hood can be opened to reveal a decently detailed engine. Fronts doors can be open and close and the best part is the side mirrors can flip! That's a surprise for me. Well, it lacks disc brakes though and if there are disc brakes it will be perfect.

I am looking forward for other Motormax models in the future as my spending power decrease after the petrol increase...