Saturday, March 21, 2009

Custom Proton Wira

Well, sorry for the lack of updates on my blog. Alot of things happened recently I was not in the mood of blogging. Now I am feeling better and decided to post one of my precious collection. You read it right. It is the Proton Wira.

Well, it's not a model exactly and it is meant as a toy but to me it's a decent replica of the Proton Wira, our Malaysian national car. I remembered when I was a little boy, my dad brought me to Parkson where I spotted the Proton Wira toy for sale at RM 24.90. The scale was roughly bigger than 1/18 and that time lots of colors were offered. My dad bought me one, and ordered another one through mail. I was so delighted that time.

Next, Public Bank also offfered it as a coinbox and I got two of them. Well, honestly, I lost three of them ! But one remain but not this one. I found this while shopping at Taisheng in Singapore in 2006 . I took it and see it. It's a bump and go toy. Wierd. Colored in red and silver, it's hedious. So my friend asked the shop seller if it is for sale since it was displayed at the cabinet. He said if you want it you can have it for SD 8. That's ridiculous cheap after 10 years !

Next, when I got it, I decided to repaint it and detailed it. So this is how it looks like. I really love this replica to the bits as it is hard to obtain now. Next post will be a custom Proton Wira that i modified from a coinbox given by Public Bank.

Please, if anyone is letting go this, let me know. I will appreciate it very much.