Saturday, April 18, 2009

Maisto Fresh Metal Series

Fresh Metals are diecasts produced by Maisto's in the scale between 1/59 to 1/64. However, not much people fancy them because to them it look cheap and it's not heavy and mostly lack of interior. However, there are a few castings that are worth buying. Here are the following models that I find it interesting ...

Hummer H3T Concept and Hummer XT Concept

Chrysler 300B and Chrysler 300C

Jaguar XJ220 and Jeep Liberty

Dodge Charger RT (1969) and Dodge Charger SRT (2008)

Chevy Bel Air Concept and Chevrolet Camaro

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Custom Proton Wira (Facelifted)

It is currently weathered because it's one of the models that I custom during my early days of modelling and doing so I can hide some mistakes. Do you guys like this custom Proton Wira?
It's customized to a newer and facelifted version. (Looks like a Proton Wira 1.8 DOHC LE)

This is initially a coin box from Public Bank. I sealed up to hole at the rear mirror and painted it flat black. Next, i modified the front grill and the rear lamps to a newer version. I lost the clear parts for the front lamp and i build it using transparency. The rear lamps are using te same way.
Initially, it has a spoiler but I remove it because it's ugly. There is also a front lip from Proton Putra which I scratched build from plastic cards.


Monday, April 6, 2009

My Collections Reshot

Messy Wall and Cupboards

A bit more organized...

Forget to tidy my model work place

In the box (Carded Hotwheels+ Matchbox)

My JDM (1:24) Builds

Been quite some time since I post my collection photos. Here it is... Enjoy..

Friday, April 3, 2009

1/32 British Civic Type R

The sleek design of the latest Honda Civic Type R for the European market is totally astonishing. It looks like a car from the future. From every angle, the car looks perfect and beautiful. Unfortunately, performance wise, it looses to EP3 and the FD2R( Japanese Domestic Market) Civic. This due to the heavy body, insufficient engine power to handle the weight and lastly , and the torsion beam suspension setting (a bad move by Honda) which kills all the fun.

However, is it still a good car and I not surprise when I spotted this diecast for sale quite sometime ago. The scale is 1/32 and manufactured by Great Faith (I never heard of this brand before). The quality of this diecast is decent. No molding lines round the body, the sparkling and shiny black paint job and the nice ride height. The lamps are painted clear plastics and not painted details which makes it more realistic.

However the interior is bland. Can't complain much for a cheap model. Here are some photos of the British Type R. Enjoy !