Sunday, February 21, 2010

1/24 Mitsubishi Starion (FUJIMI)

This kit is totally rubbish especially the chassis and the way to fit the tyres. I made mistakes but not visible.Just plain OOB build. The only mistake I did it I didn't putty the inner part of the sunroof lines thus making the lines visible abit on the roof. Overall, if given a chance to build another kit of the Starion, I will refuse.

Hotwheels Bugatti Veyron

This year 2010,Hotwheels came out with those different series for the Bugatti Veyron.
First is the Speed Machine series which features a detailed version of the Veyron and the Basic Car series (Hot Auction 10) which has a mat blue color with lesser details.
Enjoy the photos...

Monday, February 8, 2010

1/24 Fujimi Nissan Cedric

My first model kit for 2010. Simple build out of box without modifications. Hope for a clean style and painted it in Pearl White ( not visible :( in photos)..Enjoy!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

1/10 KO Evo X RC Part 2

Again, I went to that toy shop which I found my first KO Evo X Yukes Team Orange and saw one KO Evo X Yukes Team on sale. I prompted the girl and asked if it is for sale and she mentioned it's not because it's been rejected by a customer because it's not working. So came the lady boss and she said I can have it and she will swap the body to the working chassis and I got it ! Thanks to her and I think it's an Evo fever for me once again ! First the blue one, now the true Yukes Orange Team Evo !!! Yes !!!

My cat to the Evo X : Watcha Looking At, punk !?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hotwheels Speed Machine Evo X

This is a really cool Evo X from the Speed Machine series. It's an Evo X with Ralliart liveries all over it and with CM Wheels. It's double the price of basic cars but this one is worth buying. There are other cars in the series that are worth buying also but my priority now are Evo's .. no matter fake or licensed products. Just bag them !

1/24 Audley Drift Series Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III

Originally, this KO car comes together with the KO Initial D series that Audley produced years ago. However, while the others retailed at RM 39.90, only this Evo 3 retailed at RM 79.90 and that was 4 years ago. So I skipped and hope the price will drop. However, I never see it again.

My recent visit to Jusco gave me a shock. I spotted this Evo 3 in a new packaging that is Drift series and means it can drift. There are two colors, yellow and black and I ended up buying the black version. First thing is to remove the stickers and it looks great. I suspect that the mould comes from the Fujimi Lancer Evolution III. It's up for you guys to judge.... and i got it for RM 59.90.. cheaper than the previous one..

There's another Evo VI TME that I will buy sooner or later !