Monday, August 16, 2010

Ranting !! Understanding Customized Toy Cars...

I am into the toy car business now and I am also offering customized car models that are unique and limited units built at reasonable prices. However, there are certain people who think it's funny by pressing my price further down even though I had given them discounts. To me it's not funny as all these models are repainted, specially detailed and some have alot of tempos of them. If you like it, pay the price that I quote. I don't think USD 10 for a customized car is too much right?

I need to pay my bills, petrol fees, my operating cost, my paints and modeling tools and also the effort taken to make every models unique! Usually these kind of people are the one that like to scalp other people and on the other way, you must sell things to them cheaply. You know who you are..

These are my works... If they are worth that less than USD 10, please do it yourself !