Saturday, July 12, 2008

D1 ER34 Skyline (Hotworks 1/64)

The ER34 is a beauty is you ask me. This diecast by Hotworks is an amazing piece of work. The amount of detail put in it is astonishing for it's 1/64 scale. No doubt that the price is reasonable too. To those who love D1, this is a must in your collection.

Tomica Limited GT Cars........

Well, I have 3 of them currently. A friend (tkt) helped me bought them! They are much way detailed for their scales and I appreciate the details that are put into it. Plus they are on budget prices so I do think they are worth the price !

Let the photos doing the talking!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

CAUL Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

CAUL series are remote control cars based on Japanese cars. Here's one of my collection. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. Upon receiving the kit, I was dissappointed with the unpainted details so I decided to paint the front grill, the rear diffusers, do some pane lines and painted the rims black. I don't inten to play it, so it will be a static display for the rest of it's life....

1/24 Proton PERT Australia Rally

Proton PERT is Malaysia's rally car driven by Karamjit Singh (Flying Singh) and the co-driver Allen Oh. Basically, this is an Evo VI with Proton logos slap all around it. But still it's at amazing machine. The base kit is Tamiya Evo VI Rally with Studio 27 Proton PERT (Evo VI) Australia decals. This kit is hard to build as alot of maskings are required on the body especially the circles at the rear fenders. The Green color used is PETRONAS GREEN which I found it the most accurate 'Petronas Green' for the Proton PERT... Enjoy the photos...