Saturday, November 14, 2009

Exchange Custom Build (Danielh & Cham2020) :Hotwheels Evo X

A few days ago, I had a discussion with danielh. We decided to have an exchange custom build. In other words, his custom will go to me and my custom will go to him. We decided on using the Evo X as the base car and the theme is flexible and it's mean to surprise the opposite party. Thus, I choose to custom it into the Japanese Police Car theme. Why ? Because danielh had a Subaru police car and it would make a great combination to have the Evo X side by side. It is not perfect though because it's been ages since i did customize cars. Anyway, do enjoy. It's for you , daniel !

The siren is made from donor Japanese police toy car and the wordings are hand written. Sorry, I can't write Chinese because I am Chinese illiterate although I am Chinese! Hope you guys enjoy......

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A lovely 2010 Hotwheels Volkswagen Beetle

The moment I saw this casting at Ebay, I nearly wanted to get it immediately although the price is high. However, I was patient enough and lastly this casting hit the Malaysia market and I got a few pieces of it. I'ts a tooned version with an oversized engine at the rear. Besides Evo, I love Beetles and this is definately one of my favourite casting....

Honda Civic Type R Matchbox

Sorry for the lack of updates. I been so busy with my studies and now thank god it's semester break! This is a Euro Honda Civic Type R. It's made by Matchbox and this is the fourth color after red, yellow (I missed it) and silver. The details on this casting is perfect for it's price. Lovely!!