Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hotwheels Ferrari FXX Crash Diorama.......

My First Hotwheels diorama. Love it or hate it. I got this idea of a diorama from JDMike and at the same time I have a few extra cars lying around so was thinking why not create a wrecked car diorama? So I dug my collection and found an extra FXX. I crush it and make it look like it's totally wrecked. The diorama base is from a CD casing. The track is done using low grit sandpaper, real sands glued to the base and the divider done using masking tape... Please give reviews :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

1/24 Motormax Volkswagen Nardo....

This is concept car from Volkswagen. Produced in 2001 and it was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show. To me, this car is a beast. Why do I say that? This car has 600hp and have a top speed of 217 mph!! It's great that it's been produced as a diecast for fellow collectors.

The car is painted in bright orange which I think suits this car alot. Doors are gullwing types and are openable. The engine hood is openable. Even you don't open it you can see the beautiful engine via the transparent hood. Overall, I think that Motormax did a good job on this budget model.. !!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

1/18 Autoart Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII

This is the 1/18 Autoart Evo VII that I received from my friend two days ago. There are some paint bubbles on the bonnet and doors but it's not visible. Still the car is shiny like it''s out of the showroom. Everything on the car is superbly detailed.

Four doors are openable to reveal the interior. The seats are covered in fabrics are carpeting are done making it realistic. It's worth paying for this model.

Now lets go to the engine. The 4g63t engine is faithfully replicated. One of the best engine I seen on a model. The rear bonnet is openable but I didn't photograph it..
Lastly, I hope to get more Autoart's in the future...(Evo's only :))

1/18 Autoart Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI ..(GIFT)

This is a gift from a friend after I bought an Autoart Evo VII from him. This model has been customized painted rims, bodykits and spoilers and the condition is not good due to yellow. After fixing some problems, I was thinking to repaint it but I drop the idea because It will take a long time because I have one Buggati EB110 pending and lots of model kits to build.

So I decided to weather it moderately. The effect of the weathering to me is acceptable. Makes the flaws not visible and hide the flaws of the model. But still it's still looks amazing thanks to the attention of details done by Autoarts. Four doors are openable to review the beautiful interior and the openable front hood with a detailed 4g63 engine.

It's a great model from Autoart...
Next model to be posted will the Evo VII...

Sorting out my Mitsubishi Evo's Collection

Today I did a bit of sorting and arrangement of my models. This is the result of the sorting. Anyway, I have more that I can't fit in this cabinet and I have more Evo's that are in box, carded, unbuild and papercrafts. So enjoy...

Detailed Version Of Ferrari FXX...

Hotwheels never bother to paint mesh and lamps for their models most of the time. So I decided to do some detailing for the yellow and red FXX. The result is as above. What you guys think? Does it look better?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Attack of Pikachu !!!!

Pikachu is a cute character from the Pokemon cartoon. It can be scary too when he does that 'electric' thing on you. I don't know who got the idea to create this Pikachu car but hell, it's sweet..
Thanks to Tomica :)

Evo Fever.... 1/24 Scale...

I love taking shots of my 1/24 Evo's. I can't resist them. So here are some shots... Enjoy...

Twin Gold AE86's (Treuno and AE86)

These cars are made popular by the Initial D anime. Actually, these are in my opinion are overrated. However, I kind of like them for a simple reason. They are FR that can drift!! So I decided to build both of them in the 1/24 scale. The kits are from Fujimi which I can say, a pain to build. Parts does not fit!!!! However I manage to finish building both of them. Both of the cars have the same color and even the unmatched spare tyre. The reason why I painted them in gold is because the panda scheme is too common and BORING so I decided to do something different. What you guys think? Let me know.. :)

1/64 High Speed Lamborghini Gallardo Polizia

This is indeed a beautiful model from HighSpeed. Everything is realistic and detailed for it's tiny scale. It might be mistaken as a bigger scale. Photos are deceiving. HighSpeed produce models that are realistic and detailed for it's range of price... What you guys think?

Small Scale Evolutions Random Shots..

Enjoy the random shots of a portion of my mini Evo's collection..

Evo vs STi

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has always been rivaled by the Subaru Imprezza WRX STi. So the cars shown in the photos are indeed rivals.

The red Evo was given by a friend and I really appreciate that. I made a few more detailings to make it look better. Thanks Alex!

The Subaru was build 2 years back for a Subaru model gathering at Singapore. At that point I was new to the modeling world hence the quality isn't that good. However, I learn alot from building that model..

1/24 Fujimi Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII RS

Well, this is a bargain kit bought from my friend hobby shop in Singapore last year. Fujimi is the only manufacture that release the Evo VII in 1/24 scale for the model kit market. Thus, don't expect much as this kit has alot of retooling of the Evo V/VI. It's a basic and easy kit to build. I painted it in Bright Red and the rims are painted in white. The lamps are smoked and the effect is better than I expected. However, I don't know why the paint job seems have a little fading? Maybe I didn't let the paint cure properly. However, it's still shining. I accidently cracked the front left lense though..luckily it'snot visible. I would recommend this kit to those who just wanted to enter the modeling world..

1/24 Fujimi Fiat Barchetta..

Build this about 2 years ago. A Fiat Barchetta without the top. Paint is black that is cleared and polish. Interior has been carpeted and the seats are RECARO's from Fujimi Evo series. Cool eh?
My only continental street car. Not a good build though..

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Blue Evo X (Hotwheels) Join The Family!

At last, I have three variants of the Hotwheels Evo X after getting the blue one. I am still waiting for the red loose Evo X, as I can't bear to uncard my carded Evo X. I still think the red is the best color for the Evo X. What you guys think?

A Family Of Evo VII...

Dad: HKS Kansai Evo VII
Mum: Saico Evo VII
Son: Hotwheels Evo VII
Daughter:Tomica Evo VII GTA