Friday, January 21, 2011

1/64 Itasha Cars..

What are Itasha cars?
Cars that have Anime stickers all around them. I am a freak for them recently and here are some of my Customs based on some popular Anime characters and my favourite castings that are:
1) Datsun 510
2) Honda S2000
3) 370z


Danny said...

CHAMMM!!! THAT HATSUNE MIKU IS SO CUTTTEEEEE!! damn nice la ur custom.. :D

Angel Beats aka Mira Classic said...

nice job bro.... i love it

Belgium Diorama World said...

Really nice car ...

Shaira said...

very cute one..i love collecting it, i have racing car collectibles and i put it in the cabinet so that it would still look good

cash for my car